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About Us

We are glad to announce that our company named Jamshedpur Resources Pvt. Ltd. has become a leading firm based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Due to the dedicated work of our employees, we have been able to establish ourselves as a strong manufacturer, supplier, trader and wholesaler in the market, thereby giving a tough competition to the competitors. Besides having a hard working team, we do have a well equipped premises that is integrated with advanced gadgets and helps the employees in increasing the productivity and quality at the same time. We are specialized in the manufacturing of multiple products including Injection Molded Plastic Parts, Water Tank, Plastic Injection Mold, PVC Garden Pipe, etc. In addition to this, we also have deep seated expertise in complex industrial installations,  fabrications, manufacturing plastic items and components for several industries like biomedical, agriculture, etc. The products manufactured by us are being installed at various places like parks, laboratories, government buildings, etc. From making use of high quality raw material to delivering the orders timely, we make sure all the processes at every stage are carried out smoothly.


We make use of broad spectrum antimicrobial master batch in the manufacturing process of our products because it is highly resistant against microbes, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Basically, what happens is the ions of silver comes in contact with the microorganisms by first breaking their cell wall and later on causing interruption in their metabolic function as well as in the functions of  DNA replication, which ultimately leads to their elimination.

Other than this, here are the key benefits of using this technology:
  • Reduced odour formation
  • Articles prepared using this helps in controlling the spread of disease causing germs
  • Improved hygiene
  • Enhanced protection of a range of plastics products
  • Clean technology using no harmful biocides


The below mentioned steps can help you out with the installation process of tanks:

  • Place the tank in an erect position by supporting the base with a solid surface and make sure that there is no sharp material beneath it.
  • The suitable solid base must extent beyond the diameter of the tank and must include building material like concrete, gravel, bricks with sand top surface between 300mm and 400mm in depth.
  • Appropriate space should be left between the tank and the circumferential structures, so that expansion space is present there when the tank is filled. It is recommend to have minimum of 150mm (6 inches) all around. Now, position the tank ensuring best access for filling, maintenance as well as safety.

General Safety

  • Do not use the tank for underground installation purpose
  • Move the tank only when it is not filled and away from any construction material at site
  • If in case, the pipes and fittings are not supported properly, it may affect the integrity of seals as well as the structure of tank. User can refer to instructions on lid or warranty card.
  • Cylindrical water storage tanks are not designed for transport purposes, i.e, these are meant only for static application and are thus heavy when filled. Therefore, for transport application use only horizontal designed ones.
  • Surface of the tank is hard, so don't climb or stand over it, as this may cause serious injuries.

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